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Fic update: The Price of Love

Hopefully, it's all right to post updates to the following fic here. If anyone objects, please let me know and I'll delete the entry. A group of us have been writing a huge crossover AU fic which has a strong emphasis on Josh, and features many episodes of him paired with either Naveen or Matthew.

The comm we have established to house our fic is called price_o_love and all are welcome! Please check out our user info and watch the comm to see chapters updated regularly.

This is crossed with LOTR actors and CSI characters, FYI, and although our Lost RPS guys are there, we have given some of them their Lost character names as nicknames in many instances.

Multifandom AU The Price of Love set in Victorian San Francisco’s finest ‘specialty’ parlour house has been updated. Step inside Freeman’s Private Gentleman’s Club: price_o_love, and discover with us

Who will pay…

banner by lookingglassf1

Warning: Chapter posts will not contain conventional FIC headers, warnings, etc. This is based in a parlour house. Expect Adult rated m/m sex at every turn, and passing mention of bi and/or het activity. Tags for each entry will list the major players featured in the chapter. Chapters may contain BDSM, which we will acknowledge in the specific chapter’s subject line.

Antics to date (check Cast of Characters link if needs be):

Previous Chapters

Chapter Nine: An Eventful Evening In, the staff prepares each other for a special evening, with Nick, Warrick, Vin, Craig, Greg, Marg, Eric, features Marton/Ian (Boone)/Naveen, and introduces man of mystery Hugh.

Chapter Ten: Exchanging Views, much light stirring of passions amongst the staff, with Craig, Greg, Ian (Boone), Josh (Sawyer), Karl, Marg, Marton, Naveen, Vin

Chapter Eleven: A Taste of What’s Coming, a special contest begins, with Karl, Josh (Sawyer), Greg, Warrick, Eric, Ian (Boone), Marton, Naveen, Vin, & mystery guest *g*

Latest round of Hanky-Panky:

Chapter 12: A Slight Altercation, things in the basement escalate, with Matt (Dr Jack), Vin, Ian (Boone), Josh (Sawyer), Greg, Karl, Eric, Marton, Naveen, & revealing Viggo
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